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Introducing our all-organic lushy lavender body cream, the perfect addition to your self-care routine. Made with only the highest quality organic ingredients, our luxurious body cream deeply hydrates and nourishes your skin, leaving it feeling soft and supple.


The creamy texture of the body cream melts into your skin, creating a calming and relaxing sensation. Infused with the delicate scent of lavender, this body cream helps to soothe your senses and promote a sense of tranquility.


Our lushy lavender body cream is perfect for all skin types, including sensitive skin, as it is free from harsh chemicals and synthetic fragrances. It is also vegan and cruelty-free, so you can feel good about using a product that is not only good for your skin but also for the planet.


Indulge in the ultimate self-care experience with our all-organic lushy lavender body cream and experience the benefits of nature's finest ingredients on your skin.

Lushy Lavender Body Cream (4 OZ)

SKU: 0003
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  • Ingredients:

    Aqua, Glycerin, Mango Butter,Emulsifying wax, Cetearyl Alcohol, Coconut Oil, 100% pure Vitamin E oil, Lavender Essential oil, Optiphen.

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